How To Order

How To Order Furniture

The following are the procedures for how to order furniture products

  1. Contact our personal contact.
    – Contact via telephone or can through the whatsapp application.
    – Screenshot or include a photo of the items ordered along with a choice of product colors.
    – Include the customer’s identity.
  2. Downpayment is 60% of the price of the item.
  3. We will send an invoice report in the form of a bond to be a message.
  4. In the process of working on goods you have the right to know every development.
  5. Payment after the goods are ready and sent.
  6. We will send your item along with the payment receipt.
  7. Payment is only through MANDIRI 135 00 14530578 a/n ANDI DARMAWAN Bank Account
how to order furniture