FAQ Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Does the picture of furniture products in Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers www.arshiyaartfruniture.com match the original goods?

Of course, the goods available on our website or custom orders from the customer will be in accordance with the original goods, we will send photos of the production process until the goods are ready to be sent, so the customer can file a complaint if there is a discrepancy.

What raw materials are used?

The materials we use are teak wood, Mahogany wood, Mindi wood Perhutani whose quality is clear. and also some products use stainless and iron.

Can I order items with my own design / Custom Order?

We are happy to serve your design in accordance with the design concepts that you send such as shape, color, type of upholstery fabric and others.

How long does the order take until the goods are ready to be sent?

For the length of order, if the goods are ready stock 7-14 days and goods are not ready stock 1-2 months, it can be faster depending on the number of goods ordered.

Why does the production process take so long?

Because to get maximum results, the wood must be oven-dried first to get the best quality.

Why are the prices different from other online furniture stores?

Price according to quality, our price is different and maybe even more expensive than other stores, it’s reasonable because what we offer to you is a product that is truly quality, not the original product.

How to pay?

For orders, you can DP 50% of the total goods and shipping orders and we will request the rest after the goods are ready and ready to be sent.

Are My Order Items Shipped For Sure?

Surely we send, you already get an invoice from us that can be used as proof that you ordered goods to our company. And we will not ask for repayment before we show photos of the results of your ordered goods.

Are There Guarantees If There Is A Travel Defect?

If there are defects on the road later, it can be repaired by the person who is delivering, if it is not possible because of heavy damage, the goods can be directly returned, please immediately be brought along by the shipping cargo that delivers. The expedition also gave a guarantee to us for the safety of the goods we sent.

Unlisted Questions Above?

For other questions or consultation about the product you can contact us WITHOUT FEES!

FAQ Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers